Saturday, September 15, 2012

Frame 1, the first

I am planning to work through the entirety of the infamous Jack Chick tract, "Big Daddy." The online version is organized into 21 frames which have either 1, or 2 images. Some posts will take apart just one image from a frame.

This particular tract I have taken as "cannon" was modified from the original Chick Publication for a 2000 C.E. publication with the editorial "assistance" of Kent Hovind. Hovind is the infamous young earth creationist preacher currently serving a 10 year sentence in Federal Penitentiary for 58 counts of tax fraud. More on "doctor" Hovind to follow as well. Certainly you should take a look at Chick's original "Big Daddy." We should all know exactly what sort of mind we are dealing with.

The text, supposedly said by the "professor" is, "How many of you believe in evolution?" Some have criticized this as inappropriately making evolutionary theory seem like a faith issue. This is clearly Jack Chick's intent. However, too many people do "believe" rather than "know" evolution because they have not had the opportunity to properly study evolution. In the second cartoon panel we'll see how Chick exploited racial, religious, class, and anti-intellectual bigotry to stigmatize all those who affirmed evolution.

I am forced to violate Godwin's Law in this first substantive post. But, you must go with the evidence. The "professor" is drawn remarkably similar to "Jews" in antisemitic propaganda. Compare the features of the "Professor" with the 1930s Nazi cartoon below;

Next, on the wall behind the lectern is a framed drawing of an ape eating a banana that is titled, "Our Father."

I think there are three stupid false messages in this part of the image. First, "Our Father" is an obvious "faith trigger" to any Christian suggesting that "Evilutionists" worship apes. Second, there is no suggestion in evolutionary theory that humans were directly descended from apes, in spite of the fact that we are still technically primates. There is much more to say on this that I'll save for a later post on Chick's frame numbers 11, and 12. And the last is that the banana is a modern fruit that is the result of hundreds of generations of selective breeding. But it does harken to the bullshit preaching of Ray Comfort and his Atheists Worst Nightmare. Which does also provide the opportunity to link this Youtube, or my favorite Ray Comfort piece, Christian Sex Education.

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