Monday, February 2, 2015

The Professor says ...

Frame 9.A, the "professor" says "Lucy, the oldest known ancestor of humans is 2.9 million years old." In Frame 9.B, Chick managed to make 3 more lies about "Lucy," AL 288-1, and slip in several more about KMN-ER 1470 that I'll deal with in a later post.

The "Lucy" skeleton (‎Australopithecus afarensis) was discovered in 1974, and is much more famous than the 1857 Neanderthal calavera in Frame 8. Popularity of the "Lucy" fossil makes it a great threat to creationist dogmas by providing an obvious example of an so-called "Apeman" they are always demanding. This is why Chick, Hovind, and the rest of the YEC gang like to attack this single specimen. The remains from all sites with Au. afarensis fossils are dated to between 3.9 and 3.0 million years. About 400 specimens of Au. afarensis have been recovered so far.

"Lucy," AL 288-1, was not the oldest human ancestor by millions of years. "Lucy" isn't even the oldest known member of her own species. The "Lucy" skeleton was from sediments dated in 1992 by the Argon/Argon method as between 3.22 and 3.18 million years old. The oldest examples are almost 700,000 years older than "Lucy," and the most recent (about the age that Chick falsely attributed to "Lucy") is 300,000 years younger.

Again, we see that the readers are directed to a 4 hour lie fest by Kent Hovind. More on that to follow.